Fishing SA Magazine


Ever since I can remember, fishing has always been my passion. I still can recall hooking up to my first elbow slapper whiting at a very young age, and from that point on, I was instantly hooked. 

Inspired by my old man, I was taught some of the basics, leading me on to land some trophy fish! Growing up in Adelaide, I thoroughly enjoyed fishing offshore for whiting, squid and the occasional shallow water snapper- which I still enjoy today! 

A free Saturday is often spent fishing one of my favourite locations, the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula. To be honest, not knowing what you might hook onto down this neck of the woods is the whole thrill of it. 

Snapper have always been one of my favourite species to target. I think it would have to be the unique way snapper fight and the multiple options available to target them that keeps me coming back for more. As time has gone by, I have progressed into predominately lure fishing, which I strongly believe provides a much more exciting and rewarding way of fishing. My passion soon sprung into an addiction, landing me a job at the iconic, Sportfishing Scene tackle store. 

As for the future, I hope to proceed with my career in journalism while also exploring some of the pristine locations South Australia as to offer. Tight lines!