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Mark Mills is an extremely enthusiastic fisherman, who grew up fishing every now and then, but later discovered that it was his passion and now can’t get enough. Mark became involved with internet fishing sites where his passion for writing also began. In 2005 Mark entered the industry gaining a job in a southern tackle shop, where he continues today.

Mark enjoys all styles of fishing (with the exception of fly-fishing!). He spends a lot of time on the water, with boat fishing being his favourite.

Over the years Mark has spent a lot of time fishing the Onkaparinga River, fishing mainly for bream and mulloway. He also enjoys surf fishing and fishes Goolwa Beach regularly and has spent a lot of time fishing Waitpinga Beach for salmon over the years. He is into bait fishing, but also has a passion for chasing fish with lures, competing in the SABT bream tournaments and the occasional LMLFC callop competition. Most of all he enjoys taking the boat to the Coorong to chase bream, mulloway and salmon on the light gear, with soft plastics his favourite approach.

Mark is quite willing to share his knowledge with anyone, either through the magazine, the shop or the internet.

Ed’s Note. Mark is a long-term writer for the magazine and writes our Adelaide South column each edition. Given his tackle shop work he communicated with a wide range of anglers and this shows in his vast knowledge of the southern area and beyond.

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