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Rob Murton was born and raised on Kangaroo Island. The son of a pro fisherman, he grew up in the outdoors, fishing and hunting from an early age. The diving bug bit hard, and Rob and his brothers spent much of their time spear fishing, earning him the nickname ‘Fish’. Later Rob took up scuba diving, which opened up a whole new world.

Leaving the island for a few years to work, Rob returned and married, raising two boys, who learned to enjoy the outdoors as well. Rob enjoys saltwater fly fishing, and tying his own flies is all part of it. But every form of fishing, from throwing small lures at bream while seated in a rocking kayak, to surf fishing at night for big Noahs is all good fun.

Over the last two decades Rob has become increasingly involved with deer hunting, recently leaving the Island to reside on the mainland, and opening Fish and Game Taxidermy, as well as writing for fishing and shooting magazines. Wildlife photography is more than a hobby for Rob, it’s a part of his income as well. So where to from here? More of the same for a bloke who lives for the outdoor life.

Ed’s Note. Rob Murton is a feature writer for the magazine and for many years wrote our Kangaroo Island column. Check out his taxidermy page.

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