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Simon Cardone lives on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia with his wife and two young children. Simon loves nothing better than hooking up the tinny and heading for destinations far and wide to chase anything that swims in both fresh and saltwater, however his real passion is lure fishing for native freshwater species such as M urray cod and golden perch.

Simon has been a regular contributor to Fishing SA Magazine since 2013 and his articles have also been published in national magazines such as Freshwater Fishing Australia and Sport Fishing Australia.

In Simon’s own words:  A day on the water is a day well spent. Sometimes the fish are just a sideshow – such is the magnificent surroundings that I am blessed to fish in, particularly the inland waters of the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia. It is a truly unique environment, one which we must protect for our future generations. My aim is to inspire, entertain and educate. Fishing is about living life to the fullest and making every day an adventure.

Ed’s Note. Simon is a gun  angler, stay tuned for plenty of top reading from this mad-keen fisho! 

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