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Born and bred on Kangaroo Island I grew up fishing with my Grandpa and his mates. Kingscote was their favourite location, however the odd trip to Emu Bay was always a highlight. Some exceptional fishing kept me pestering the old boys, but I never took fishing seriously.

At 17 working as a commercial hook fisherman I got my first taste of The Straights (an area of water between the north coast of the Island and the bottom of the foot of the York Peninsula) and my hobby quickly became an addiction when I began catching big (huge) whiting, fired up snapper and the occasional shark.

Through Uni when I wasn’t studying or working as a boat builder, every opportunity to get home and spend time chasing fish was embraced. By the time I completed a Bachelor of Science and an Honours Degree in Oceanography and Meteorology I had made my decision to return home.

Working in the family store I got the opportunity to combine work with my passion by managing the fishing department. Over the past ten years I have had days people only dream about, especially out on The Straights!

I have also become passionate about fishing the shallow bays around the island with light tackle. These two options along with the occasional beach session get me on the water most weeks (let’s hope).

Highlights so far have to be samson fish and big hauls of tuna out of my own boat, plus the amazing number of big days catching whiting. Writing a regular column on the island was not my idea, however it’s great fun for this fisherman to share the stories of the island with the wider fishing public.

Ed’s note: Matt Ingram is our Kangaroo Island correspondent and writes a regular column on the area.

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